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AMMONYX LO is an amphoteric surfactant finding application in personal care, HI&I applications as foam enhancers, viscosity builders and as emulsifiers and lubricants in textile applications. This product meets the U.S. EPA Safer Choice Program's surfactant screen and is listed on


2 in 1 Shampoo, Adjuvant Additives, All Purpose Cleaning, Bar Soap, Body Wash, Delicate/Fine Fabric Wash, Detergents, Facial Cleansers, Foam Boosters,  Hair Conditioners, Hard Surface Care, Industrial Cleaning, Light Duty Cleaning, Liquid Hand Soap, Ready-To-Use (RTU), Shampoos, Soluble Concentrates (Sl), Sulfate-Free, Suspension Concentrates (SC), Suspoemulsions (SE), Textile and Synthetic Fibers, Textile Wet Processing, Wettable Powders (WP)

Chemical Description


Chemical Groups

Amine Oxides, Alkyl Amine Oxides


Agricultural Solutions, Household, Industrial and Institutional Cleaning, Industrial Products, Laundry and Cleaning, Personal Care


% Active:30
Boiling Point, ºC:100
Cloud Point, °C:-1
CMC, mg/l:11.0
Density, g/ml:0.97
Draves Wetting, sec @ 25°C:1.0
Flash Point, PMCC, °C:>94
Form @ 25°C:Liquid
Freeze Point, °C:-8
Interfacial Tension:5.73
Pour Point, °C:-12
Specific Gravity @ 25°C:0.97
Surface Tension, mN/m:30.4
Vapor Pressure at 20°C, mm Hg:0.01
Viscosity, cps @ 25°C:18
RVOC, U.S. EPA %:0

Regions of Availability

North America: Canada, USA
Latin America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Caribbean, Central America, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela
EMEA: Africa, Europe, Middle East
Asia Pacific: Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam