Alla Crabtree


Alla CrabtreeAlla Crabtree is a senior functional chemist at Stepan Oilfield Solutions, providing new product development and formulary support using surfactants for upstream oil and gas applications. Since 2011, she has worked on various areas of application for oilfield, but her most recent focus is corrosion control. Alla also has experience with formulation and evaluation of fracturing fluid additives, such as guar slurry additives, nonemulsifiers and flowback aids, and has developed cleaner formulations for oilfield and specialty emulsion formulations. She designs, evaluates and recommends corrosion inhibitors for challenging conditions that Stepan’s customers face, and provides technical support for internal and external customers worldwide.  

Alla is a member of Society of Petroleum Engineers and NACE. She completed her Master of Science in Chemistry at University of Illinois at Chicago and Bachelors of Science in Chemistry at Loyola University – Chicago.

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March 24 - 28 in Nashville, Tennessee

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