Polyester Polyols: Flexible Foam


Stepan supplies both aromatic and aliphatic polyester polyols for use in flexible slabstock polyurethane foams. Stepan’s aromatic polyester polyols can improve mechanical properties, flame lamination bond strength and load bearing in polyether foam. Our aliphatic polyester polyols are designed for the demanding requirements of polyester slabstock foam, where a very fine cell structure and premium mechanical properties are required.

Typical End Uses

Furniture & Bedding

The addition of STEPANPOL® polyester polyols enhances mechanical properties resulting in higher-quality foams, less scrap and easier fabrication. This enables the manufacture of more durable furniture and in turn, more satisfied customers.


The small, regular foam cells produced by using STEPANPOL® adipate polyols can be used to filter air, fluids and particulates in consumer, medical and industrial applications.

Automotive Foam

Our patented chemistry increases the bonding strength of foam to textile and nonwoven fabrics. The increased adhesion enables better shaping and provides the cushioning, vibration and sound reduction properties essential for automotive headliners.  

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