Focus on People


Stepan is committed to developing, Focus Imagerecognizing, and respecting our people, and to being an exemplary corporate citizen through community outreach and Responsible Care®. We will maintain a safe, productive environment in which our people can thrive and grow personally and professionally.

Our Commitment to Employee Learning and Development

Stepan is growing, which accelerates and enhances the opportunities for our employees to learn and develop. We provide our employees with a wide array of professional development resources and opportunities. We are committed to providing a rich environment in which our people can thrive personally and professionally. Stepan is and will continue to be a preferred place to work, and our demographics will exhibit high retention rates.

Heath and safety

Our Commitment to Safety

Stepan recognizes that employee engagement is critical for the achievement of our safety goals. Safety is a top priority for Stepan’s employees, contractors and visitors. Behavior-based safety programs and online training are valued and promoted, along with regular adherence to standardized indicators, metrics and third-party certifications (ISO 9001:2015, Responsible Care®, and OSHA VPP).

Our Commitment to Health and WellnessFocus on People

Stepan is committed to helping our employees achieve a balanced lifestyle by investing in strategies that promote comprehensive wellness. Our wellness initiatives offer a myriad of opportunities to explore physical activity and healthy eating as cornerstones of good health, including group sports activities such as ice skating, volleyball and walking, weekly nutrition and weight reduction programs, annual physicals and flu shots / vaccinations.  

Our Commitment to the Community Stepan Community Service

Stepan employees around the world support their communities through a variety of outreach activities, with an emphasis on science education, the environment, and support of those communities in which we operate.