Commitment to Growth


Economic progress image(1)As one of the world’s leading chemical companies, Stepan will engage in responsible business practices that deliver sustainable value to customers, stockholders, employees and the community. Stepan is committed to profitable growth through disciplined investment, continuous improvement, operational excellence and innovation

Our Commitment to Growth

Over the past several years, Stepan has taken steps to reduce our costs and strengthen the balance sheet. These measures are now allowing us to invest and capture new growth opportunities. Over the past two years, we have spent $263 million on capital expenditures and acquisitions. In 2015, we plan to spend $120-$140 million on capital expenditures to continue to capture opportunities in markets around the world.

Our Commitment to Shareholder Value

Stepan is one of only 28 publicly traded U.S. companies with consecutive annual dividend increases since 1968. In October 2014, Stepan's Board of Directors declared a 6 percent increase in the Company's cash dividend to $.72 per share, marking the 47th consecutive year in which Stepan has increased the quarterly dividend rate on its common stock.

Financial Highlights 

Thousands, except per share 

  2014  2013  2012 
Net Sales  $1,927,213  $1,880,786  $1,803,737 
Net Income Attributable to Stepan Company  $57,101  $72,828  $79,396 
Earnings per Diluted Share  $2.49  $3.18  $3.49 
Dividends per Common Share  $0.69  $0.65  $0.58 
Net Debt to Net Debt Plus Stockholder’s Equity  26.0%  19.9%  18.0% 


Our Commitment to Responsible and Disciplined Business Practices

Stepan’s Code of Conduct delineates high standards of ethical behavior and business conduct for its board of directors, management team and employees worldwide. The company is committed to the integrity of its financial reporting, maintains a strong set of internal controls and complies with Section 404 Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.