Emulsion Polymerization


Choosing the right surfactant for latex manufacturing is crucial. Stepan makes it easy with the POLYSTEP® line of sulfonates, sulfates, ether sulfates, phosphate esters and nonionic surfactants, as well as other specialty surfactants that provide a wide range of functionality.

Stepan's expertise and broad portfolio enable our customers to perform emulsion polymerization more efficiently for any application. Stepan's focus is to support our customers through a customer-focused supply chain, technical support and a strong innovation pipeline.

Product Line

Stepan offers a full line of surfactants for emulsion polymerization and all of its applications. When used in emulsion polymerization of acrylic, styrene or vinyl acetate compositions, our surfactants demonstrate efficiency, consistency and value-added performance benefits.

Attributes of anionic surfactants:  

  • Good polymerization kinetics
  • Ability to control particle size
  • Mechanical stability

Attributes of nonionic surfactants: 

  • Electrolyte tolerance 
  • Freeze-thaw stability
  • Water resistance

Attributes of phosphate esters: 

  • Electrolyte tolerance 
  • Freeze-thaw stability 
  • Mechanical stability 
  • Hydrolytically stable 
  • Pigment dispersancy

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Looking for nonionic solutions?

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