United Nations Global Compact and Stepan Actions

We look for opportunities to address the needs of society and the environment in everything we do. In 2018, Stepan Company became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, and are deliberately working to ensure our business practices and strategies align with that commitment.

Looking ahead, Stepan will focus on specific targets defined in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Through our products and our practices, we will work to advance broad societal goals within our areas of impact, from raw material sourcing to the manufacture and use of our products. 

Stepan's Focuses

Focus on agricultural products that promote more efficient resource use by reducing spray drift and seed coat technology that promotes seed protection and improved agricultural productivity.

Working to improve energy efficiency in heating and cooling of buildings. Supporting reduced emissions during product shipment with lightweighting and high active formulations.

Finding opportunities to promote improved hygiene and wellness with products going into household and institutional cleaning. Supporting nutritional needs for infants and older persons through Stepan’s specialty products. Investment in employee health and wellness programs.

Goal to improve energy efficiency, increase use of renewable energy and renewable raw materials, and reduce water consumption in our operations.

Expanding options for sanitation and microbial control in household, institutional, and industrial settings. Promoting efficient water management in our manufacturing.

Supporting energy efficiency in our operations, in product transportation, and with product use. Goal to increase the use of renewable energy for our operations.

Working to uphold human and labor rights for our employees and in our supply chain. Providing economic growth opportunity in science and technology fields for our areas of operation.

Promoting behaviors and practices aimed at preventing and eliminating corruption and bribery across our areas of impact. Implementing policies aimed at respecting and protecting fundamental human and worker rights.

Support for improved efficiency and reduced impact of industrial activity through use of Stepan products. Promoting equipment longevity through Stepan corrosion inhibitors. Expanding Stepan’s economic impact with growth in manufacturing and R&D.

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