Third Party Partnerships

At Stepan, we believe that chemistry can provide solutions that benefit the environment, promote human well-being and meet the needs of a growing population. Stepan engages throughout the value chain and offers flexibility in the use of diverse raw materials to deliver the characteristics our customers are looking for. Through our partnerships, we aim for sustainable procurement solutions with a clear commitment on safety, quality and ethics.

Stepan aspires to work with business partners that reflect our values and standards. We outline criteria that we expect our third parties to comply with. Our goal is to ensure, at a minimum:

  • respect for human rights,
  • responsible labor practices,
  • the health, safety and security of people that enable our business,
  • environmental responsibility and
  • prevention of bribery and corruption in our business interactions.


Suppliers of Palm-Based Materials

Raw materials derived from palm oil and palm kernel oil, including those used by Stepan, offer many performance and high-productivity, performance and economic opportunities for small farmers. The rapid increase in palm oil production, however, has led to numerous environmental and social concerns. As one step in working to mitigate these issues, Stepan expects our palm material suppliers to abide by a set of criteria, outlined in our Responsible Sourcing Policy, aimed at ending deforestation and ensuring human and labor rights are granted. Stepan works collaboratively with our supply chain partners to advance the use of sustainable palm oil products. The supply chain for palm kernel oil derivatives is complex and industry-wide adoption of best practices requires a continued commitment and ongoing effort.

Stepan has been a member of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2011. Through RSPO, we are part of a larger, far-reaching transformation in the palm industry to expand production and uptake of RSPO-certified material.  

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