Self-Foaming Face Mask with STEPAN-MILD® LSB

Add fun and whimsy into your beauty routine with this self-foaming face mask! Once applied to the face, the self-foaming agent bubbles and fizzes into a frothy texture while menthol provides a cooling, tingly sensation. Let it sit for 5 minutes then pat down and rub over your face. The mask produces a gentle foam and rinses easily thanks to the sulfate-free cleanser STEPAN-MILD® LSB while natural emollient NEOBEE® M-5 COSMETIC leaves the skin feeling soft and conditioned.


  • Formulation Number: 1261
  • Appearance, as is: Thick, white clay
  • pH: 4.5
  • Viscosity, cps: 140,000


  • Personal Care


  • Face Masks

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