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Over decades, Stepan has responded to emerging market trends and built on the latest science to deliver a global portfolio of mild and safe ingredients that enhance your life and reflect your values.

At Stepan, we're always listening. Today's personal care market is ever-changing as consumers demand better and more unique experiences. Stepan Personal Care strives to be the trusted ally that customers unite with to create those “go-beyond” brands and inspiring, next-generation personal care products. 

Advanced Conditioning

STEPANQUAT® Helia is a modern hair conditioning agent that is better for your hair and the environment. Powered by sunflower oil and patent-pending technology, it delivers best-in-class performance with no build-up. 

Structured Liquids Technology

Stepan’s polymer-free suspension system utilizes naturally derived surfactants to indulge the senses with fun textures, striking visual appeal and a luxurious skin feel. 

Flower Powered Conditioner

STEPANQUAT® Soleil is a naturally derived, 100% actives, locally sourced ingredient. Easy detangling, great substantivity, no build-up…meet the next generation hair conditioning agent!


Sulfate-free surfactants are generally mild to the hair and skin, which means that fresh hair color can last longer, and skin may feel softer. 

New, On-Trend Product Inspirations

Introducing two new collections to add to your formulation library! The Men's and Modern Vintage Collections in Stepan Personal Care's latest Lookbook are thoughtfully assembled with fun, on-trend product inspirations.

Flower Powered Conditioner

STEPANQUAT® Soleil is a naturally derived, 100% actives, locally sourced ingredient. Easy detangling, great substantivity, no build-up…meet the next generation hair conditioning agent!

STEPANQUAT® Soleil: A Better Story for the Environment!

A new and modern hair conditioning agent that is naturally derived and smooths each hair strand, for super-soft, manageable hair. 

Asian Lady with long black hair

Personal Care Post Issue 6

Stepan's AMMONYX LO-A is lauryl dimethyl amine oxide specifically developed for those in the Asian market and offers outstanding color protection and helps prevent color fading in sulfate and sulfate-free systems.

Learn more about this versatile ingredient for use in hand soaps, shampoos, conditioners, bath products, and creams and lotions in our latest newsletter!  

We use our hair as a means to express ourselves, making it a reflection of our personality and individual style. Great hair is also one of the first things we notice about others.  Make a good impression through color, texture, style or shine – there are infinite possibilities!

Hair Care at Stepan

Cleanse & Volumize

From a deep-cleanse detox to gentle color protection, Stepan has the right surfactants to help achieve clean, fresh hair. For a natural, economical option, we recommend trying STEPANOL® DCFAS-N (Sodium Coco Sulfate). Or, try LATHANOL® LAL COARSE (Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate) for a cleanser that produces the same creamy, soft lather as isethionates but is easier to incorporate into your formulas.

Condition & Detangle

Naturally derived conditioning agents and silicone alternatives work together for that oh-so-soft feeling. Stepan’s newest conditioning agent, STEPANQUAT® Helia, is a great option for formulators looking for a naturally derived conditioner that is better for the consumer and the environment.

Add Shine, Subtract Frizz

Add the finishing touches for a sleek, modern and effortless look with STEPAN-MILD® L3, a natural silicone alternative.


Formulation Inspiration

1297 Daily Smoothing Conditioner

1119 Naturally-Derived, Sulfate-Free Moisturizing Shampoo

1301 Overnight Hair Treatment Spray with Avocado Oil

1298 Rich Conditioning Hair Mask

1304 The Multicultural Collection: Replenishing Conditioning Treatment


Find the right ingredient for: 

2 in 1 Shampoos, ShampoosHair Conditioners, Hair Styling

Consumers’ bath and shower routines are no longer just about getting clean. We’re looking for different formats, customized products and luxurious experiences. Bath products also need to fit into our varied lifestyles. Whether it’s showering at the gym, having a relaxing weekend soak, or anything in between, look to Stepan’s diverse portfolio.

Bath & Shower Care at Stepan


Squeaky clean or soft and pampered, easy-to-use shower gels or eco-conscious bars — whatever your preference, Stepan has the right ingredients to deliver a personalized experience to shower routines. Stepan offers BIO-TERGE® AS-90 Beads, a high-active, solid cleanser great for bar applications. 

Skin Conditioners

We can also go beyond the bubbles. Stepan’s naturally derived skin conditioners STEPAN-MILD® GCC and NEOBEE® M-5 COSMETIC help to moisturize your first defense against everyday elements.


Formulation Inspiration

1329 Cleansing Shower Bar – “Bubbles in a Bar”

1260 Clear Body Wash with Moringa Oil

1271 Foaming Shower Oil

1259 Micellar Water Cleansing Makeup Remover


Find the right ingredient for:

Body Wash, Body Scrubs, Facial Cleansers, Shower Oils, Hand Soaps

Our day-to-day life can have a stripping effect on the skin, resulting in a need for replenishment in our beauty routines. And as the seasons change, moisturization becomes an even more essential aspect. Reinvigorate rough or dry skin with powerful hydration. 

Skin Care at Stepan

Stepan provides the building blocks, you add the inspiration. Our naturally derived emollients and emulsifiers create the perfect base for your leave-on skin care products. All that’s missing is your creativity.


Stepan offers natural emollients that soften the skin. WECOBEE® M provides a cost-effective alternative to a heavy cocoa butter, while NEOBEE® M-5 COSMETIC is a natural alternative to lighter mineral oil.


Cationic emulsifiers, such as STEPANQUAT® ML, provide a pleasant, powdery skin feel with the same emulsifying power as synthetic or ethoxylated ingredients. For a sustainable option, check out STEPANQUAT® Helia, made from non-GMO sunflower oil native to North America.


Formulation Inspiration

1296 Natural Body Butter

1307 Rose Smoothing Facial Mask

1306 Ultra Hydration Night Cream


Find the right ingredient for: 

Creams & Lotions, Face Masks, Lip Balms, Sun Care

This is where mildness matters. Parents should feel confident in the products they use to care for their families.

Baby & Child Care at Stepan

Ultra-Mild Washes

Newborn skin is delicate, which is why it may be best to adopt a “less is more” approach when it comes to caring for baby’s skin. Stepan’s exceptionally mild cleansers like AMPHOSOL® 2C and AMPHOSOL 2CSF-AF will provide a gentle clean. But don’t just clean the skin, keep it soft and healthy with natural emollients, STEPAN-MILD® GCC and NEOBEE® M-5 COSMETIC, that provide the right amount of moisturization.


Formulation Inspiration

1278 Gentle Hair-to-Toe Baby Wash

1279 Green Tea Cleansing Wipes Solution

1249 Mild, Sulfate-Free Baby and Toddler Wash

1164 Naturally-Derived, 1,4-Dioxane-Free Mild Baby Wash


Find the right ingredient for:

Baby Care, Creams & Lotions

Pets come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from our beloved dogs and cats to elegant show animals. These four-legged friends are important members of the family and their care routines deserve our attention. Whether bathing, grooming or simply pampering our furry friends, their coat and skin should be hydrated and protected.

Pet Care at Stepan

Lustrous Coats & Healthy Skin

Pets tend to have more sensitive skin than humans. Stepan has gentle cleansers to reveal lustrous coats and natural conditioners to support healthy skin. STEOL® CS-230 is well-suited to provide copious amounts of mild lather in traditional formulations. For a sulfate-free option, STEPAN-MILD® PCL-BA combines high-foaming surfactants that rinse cleanly and easily.


Formulation Inspiration

1066 Clear Wash

485 Mild Dog Shampoo

1233 Whipped Moisturizing Wash with Coconut Oil


Find the right ingredient for: 

Pet Care


Modern Vintage Collection: Cold Cream #1349

This cold cream replaces the classic mineral oil, ceresin and paraffin wax combination with four 100% natural emollients.

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Men’s Collection: Cleansing Mousse #1347

This sulfate-free, daily cleanser gently removes dirt and excess oil while moisturizing skin (and beard!) with natural moisturizers.

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Men’s Collection: Cleansing Mousse #1347

This sulfate-free, daily cleanser gently removes dirt and excess oil while moisturizing skin (and beard!) with natural moisturizers.

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Hydrating Facial Serum with Natural Moisturizers #1284

This hydrating facial serum has a combination of four 100% natural moisturizers which deeply hydrates dry skin for a smooth and healthy feel.

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