Rigid Insulation

Bringing chemistry and processing together.

As part of the global community, Stepan recognizes that one of the quickest ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to increase energy efficiency in buildings. For over 30 years, we have been focused on creating products that improve foam processing and insulating performance to bring significant sustainability advantage and value to our customers’ end-use applications. Along with superior products, Stepan provides manufacturing and process optimization expertise to our customers.

When insulation, flammability and structural performance are critical, turn to Stepan for your polyester polyol needs.

Flex Faced PIR Boards

Our STEPANPOL® polyester polyol line is the culmination of our application expertise and outstanding manufacturing practices. PIR foams made with our STEPANPOL products deliver superior insulating performance, applied economics and reliability compared to other products in the marketplace.

Metal Panel

STEPANPOL polyester polyols provide improved process flow, insulation value and fire performance for continuous and discontinuous manufacturing and methods. Common applications include cold storage, insulated wall panels and roof panels. 

Spray Insulation

Quality insulation and flammability resistance are critical requirements for the construction industry. The chemistry of STEPANPOL polyols imparts superior insulating performance and improved blowing agent solubility. Stepan spray foam can achieve an ASTM E84 class 1 rating. 

Appliance Insulation

STEPANPOL polyols produce PUR foams with finer cell structures and improved flow. This enables manufacturers to increase insulating value while reducing cost.


STEPANPOL polyester polyols not only provide thermal stability, but also give foams smoother cutting during fabrication for the final shape and machine well for improved fabrication of parts.

Pour in Place

STEPANPOL polyester polyols are used in a multitude of applications where an insulated void is required. Benefits include improved flow and low exotherm. Common uses are coolers, antennas, buoys and military applications.

Collaborative screening is the key to performance.

Stepan offers complete screening of our polyols in your application, a service that our customers truly value. You provide the formulation, we test it using our raw materials and deliver the performance results to you. It is an efficient way to experience the quality that Stepan materials bring to your end-use product while getting the benefit of knowing your formulation has been tested to the highest standard. Stepan ensures that confidentiality issues are respected throughout all stages of the process.

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