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To help meet ever-changing market needs, we actively seek to cultivate strategic partnerships based on creative problem solving and customized solutions. Through our global research network and geographic footprint, we can effectively meet your needs. Our industry-leading, in-house formulation expertise provides a value-added service to help solve the most difficult challenges.

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Butyl-Based Block Copolymers

Stepan Agricultural Solutions offers a full line of butyl-based block copolymers that can be used across a range of agrochemical formulations. These multifunctional polymeric surfactants are excellent emulsifiers in oil-based systems. In water-based systems, Stepan's butyl-based block copolymers act as wetters and dispersants. 

Built-In Surfactant for Clethodim

STEPGROWTM CL 101 is a built-in surfactant for clethodim that provides excellent emulsion and active ingredient stability for 2E and 3E finished formulations. Download Stepan's new Clethodim Brochure to learn how it is used in clethodim post-emergent herbicides to control annual and perennial grasses without affecting broadleaf crops.

Formulation Development

Stepan Agricultural Solutions wants to invest in your success. Our in-house formulation expertise, full product portfolio and partnership approach help solve challenging technical problems.

Stepan Agricultural Solutions has in-house formulation expertise in:

We are open to work with you on early concepts or throughout your formulation development and regulatory journey. Contact us today to start collaborating.


Dispersants prevent particles from agglomerating or aggregating during the milling process, in the formulation concentrate, and after dilution into the spray tank. Stepan offers a variety of steric and electrosteric products for use as dispersants in agricultural formulations.

Products Highlights:

STEP-FLOW® 4000 is a water soluble “comb” polymer dispersant for use in capsule suspension (CS) and suspension concentrates (SC). Compliment STEP-FLOW 4000 with any products from our butyl-based block copolymers line or with STEP-FLOW 4894-SC.

STEPFAC™ 8181 PT3K is a 100% active, potassium-neutralized phosphate ester for use in oil dispersions (OD).

Carrier oils include STEPOSOL® ME, STEPOSOL ROE-W, STEPAN® C-42 and STEPAN C-65.

The STEPSPERSE® DF-Series offers traditional liquid surfactants in a dry form for use in water dispersible granules (WG) and wettable powders (WP).

Complimentary products include STEPWET® DF-90 and STEPWET DF-95.


Stepan offers a portfolio of green solvents for use in solvent-based agricultural formulations. Each product offers different characteristics to meet your formulation needs, whether they be high-pesticide solubility, low volatile organic compound (VOC), low irritation or others. These solvents can also make robust emulsions when optimized with Stepan emulsifiers.

Product Highlights:

Amides: HALLCOMID® M-8-10 displays a broad range of properties, including excellent solubility in organic solvents, low vapor pressure and heat and hydrolysis stability.

Methyl Esters: STEPAN® C-42 is a naturally derived, biodegradable solvent and STEPOSOL® ME is a methyl ester derived from soybean oil.

Specialty Solvents: STEPAN 108 is a caprylic/capric triglyceride made using glycerin from vegetable oil sources and medium-chain fatty acids from coconut and/or palm kernel oil. 


Adjuvants are a broad range of products that, when added to a formulation or tank mix, offer efficacy enhancement or application improvement. These can be tank mixed separately or added into a formulation.

Product Highlights:

STEPAN® 3109-6 is a specially formulated blend of surfactants designed for use in glyphosate formulations. STEPAN 3705-44, another formulated blend, is designed for soluble liquids (SL) formulations.

STEPGROW™ CT is a tank mix compatibility adjuvant designed to help eliminate the challenges of complex tank mixes and delivers superior performance in spray applications. 


Stepan offers a wide range of surfactants that allow for micelle formation of an oil phase within a water phase and inversely. These include anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants of varying HLBs and surfactant blends.

Product Highlights:

Stepan’s single component emulsifier portfolio includes alkoxylated hydrophobes, phosphate esters and their salts, as well as alkylbenzene sulfonates and their salts.

TOXIMUL® 8320 is a nonionic surfactant used to emulsify systems heavy in chlorinated solvents and pesticides, and has a lowered pour point to reduce any handling issues.

Stepan's Butyl-Based Block Copolymers portfolio are multi-functional polymeric surfactants that are excellent emulsifiers in oil-based formulations and can be used across a range of agrochemical formulations.

The TOXIMUL® 3470F Series of products are anionic/nonionic surfactant blends that can be used as effective emulsifier blends for pesticide concentrates. These products can be used individually or in combination with any other in the series: 

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