Stepan Personal Care Presents Sustainable Surfactants for Personal Care

August 3, 2020

Join Leticia Serna, Stepan Company's R&D Coordinator for Mexico, as she presents "Sustainable Surfactants for Personal Care" at the Symposium on Sustainability and Innovation in Cosmetic Products, hosted by the Faculty of Chemistry Pharmacy Department at UNAM, 9 – 10 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 6.

As consumers become more aware of the environmental impact of the products they use, they are developing a greater interest in personal care product ingredients and the origin of the raw materials used to make the products. In response to increased demand from consumers, the beauty world is continuing its march toward “green,” utilizing natural ingredients, sustainable packaging and biodegradable formulas. 

Serna will explore this topic and reveal how Stepan Personal Care's surfactants help customers adjust to this consumer trend. 

Stepan is a leading merchant producer of surfactants, which are key ingredients in consumer products, including sustainable personal care products like STEPANQUAT® Helia. Read our innovation story to learn more about this hair conditioning agent that's better for consumers and the environment.


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