Stepan Oilfield Solutions Showcases High-Performance Technologies at ATCE

September 14, 2019

Join Stepan Oilfield Solutions at the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ (SPE) upcoming Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE), Sept. 30 – Oct. 2, at the BMO Centre in Stampede Park in Alberta, Canada. Stepan experts will be at booth 425 ready to answer questions about your formulation needs and showcase our high-performance solutions.

As a leader in oilfield surfactants for conventional and unconventional oil and gas recovery, we focus on delivering surfactant science into all areas of the upstream sector — drilling, cementing, completions, hydraulic fracturing, production and IOR/EOR.  We will be highlighting several technologies at the show, including:


PETROSTEP ME-1 helps operators improve oil and gas production by enhancing the clean-up of fluids after stimulation. Stepan’s PETROSTEP ME-1 flowback aid is a fully dilutable microemulsion with a monomodal particle size of less than 10 nanometers (nm). This alleviates phase trapping, allowing the production fluid to flow back more quickly, helping increase the flow of oil and gas from the reservoir.


PETROSTEP FRB Solutions enable less expensive friction reducers to perform as well as premium additives in brines with high total dissolved solids (TDS). In a Chandler 6500 Friction Flow Loop test, a basic friction reducer with our patent-pending PETROSTEP FRB-1 outperformed two premium additives made specifically for high TDS brines by reducing inversion time, enhancing maximum friction reduction and extending the friction reducer’s performance over time.

PETROCIDE® Registered Biocides

Microbial-induced corrosion and reservoir souring incur costly setbacks. Stepan’s PETROCIDE Registered Biocides eradicate and prevent harmful bacterial growth in various stages of oil and gas production and stimulation. Stepan biocides have been shown to be effective against free-floating bacteria and biofilm colonies of varying anerobic bacteria species, which protect the integrity of the asset.            

Our global Stepan Oilfield Solutions team members are looking forward to connecting with other industry leaders at ATCE. If you would like further information about Stepan Oilfield Solutions or any of our products, please email

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