Stepan Oilfield Solutions Launches New Flowback Aids for More Efficient Flowback and Permeability Preservation

May 29, 2020

Stepan Oilfield Solutions is excited to present new flowback aids that help operators improve hydrocarbon production by enhancing the clean-up of fluids after stimulation. Our flowback aids are designed to increase flowback from hydraulic fractures and enhance the well's productivity, primarily by mitigating permeability damage from the fracturing fluid. In addition, by alleviating water blocks, they further facilitate efficient flowback of the fracturing fluid and the hydrocarbon displacing it.

Aaron Sanders, Ph.D., Technical Director for Stepan Oilfield Solutions, presented on our latest innovation in World Oil’s ShaleTech™ Hydraulic Fracturing Forum webcast. Watch the webinar to learn more about advantaged flowback for remediating polymer damage and water-block in slickwater fracturing. If you would like further information about Stepan Oilfield Solutions or any of our products, please email

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