Stepan Company Wins RightCycle Greenovation Award

July 29, 2019

Being a responsible partner to our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the communities we work in is one of Stepan Company's core values. We are committed to using energy and resources efficiently across our global operations and partnering across the value chain to reduce our collective environmental impact.  

Stepan is a proud participant of the Kimberly-Clark Professional RightCycle Glove Recycling program and is delighted to have received the RightCycle Greenovation Award last month for the amount of waste the company diverted from landfills.   

In 2018 Stepan diverted more than 300 pounds of nonhazardous personal protective equipment (PPE) from landfills, and more than 1,800 pounds in total since the RightCycle Glove Recycling program was implemented in 2016 at the company's headquarters in Northfield, Illinois.  

Each of Stepan’s research and development labs collects used protective gloves that are then converted into new plastic products such as outdoor furniture and plant holders. In addition, the program also helps employ people with developmental needs at the Jackson County Developmental Center in West Virginia where the used gloves are recycled into new materials. 

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