Stepan Company to Present Latest Nonionic Technologies at the Virtual American Oil Chemists’ Society Annual Meeting

June 17, 2020

Stepan Company Technical Director Gregory Dado, Ph.D., and Research Fellow Ron Masters, Ph.D., will present at the 2020 Virtual American Oil Chemists’ Society Annual Meeting to highlight Stepan’s latest innovations in nonionic technology.

Accounting for Concentration Effects in the Application of HLD Modeling

Stepan is committed to advancing surfactant formulation science. Our research in the development of hydrophilic-lipophilic deviation (HLD)-based formulation tools is just one example.

Dr. Dado will present “Accounting for Concentration Effects in the Application of HLD Modeling to Nonionic Surfactants” at the Virtual 2020 AOCS Annual Meeting to highlight how nonionic surfactant concentration can have a large impact on the temperature-dependent behavior of surfactant-oil-water systems. One of the limitations commonly reported in HLD modeling approaches is the lack of accounting for this concentration dependency. Participants can watch the presentation live at 8:55 a.m. CST on June 29 and participate in the question and answer session. 

Click here to view the full presentation schedule.

 Be Clean, Look Clean: Stepan’s Low Film/Streak Nonionic Surfactant Technology

Alcohol ethoxylate surfactants are known for excellent degreasing, and so have extensive use in hard surface cleaners. Unfortunately, they are also known to be one cause of films/streaks on hard glossy surfaces. 

Dr. Masters will present Stepan’s research and solutions for this age-old challenge with his talk, “Be Clean, Look Clean: Stepan Low Film/Streak Nonionic Surfactant Technology,” at the Surfactants and Detergents virtual poster session. Click here to access his talk.

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