Stepan Company Rhamnolipid Biosurfactants Featured in Chemical & Engineering News

June 13, 2020

Stepan Company recently acquired Logos Technologies LLC’s NatSurFact® business, a rhamnolipid-based line of biosurfactants derived from renewable sources. Stepan’s rhamnolipid biosurfactants provides an important new technology across markets as customer’s sustainability expectations continue to increase.

“We want to make sure that for the markets we have ambitions to supply and grow into, we’re mindful of the requirements of not only our customers but also the end consumers,” Stepan Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer Jason Keiper told Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) in a recent interview.

Rhamnolipids, a class of biosurfactants, are attractive due to their favorable biodegradability, low toxicity and, in some cases, unique antimicrobial properties. Bio-surfactants produced via fermentation offer synergies in several strategic end-use markets including agriculture, oilfield, personal care and household, industrial and institutional cleaning.

NatSurFact developed a novel fermentation process for rhamnolipids and has achieved high yields at both the bench and pilot scale. Stepan is looking forward to building on NatSurFact’s work to commercialize these unique surfactants. Stepan is actively developing high-performing, advantageous products as a key pillar of our sustainability commitments.

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