Webinar: Be Clean, Look Clean – Stepan’s New Low Film/Streak Technology

June 1, 2020

As hard surface cleaners dry, they leave behind traces of residue from surfactants and other ingredients, along with any unremoved soils. When you look closely at the cleaned surface, especially high-energy surfaces such as glass and ceramic tile, the residues are evident as a film or streak. Alcohol ethoxylates are known to provide cleaning power to a formulation, however, they are particularly prone to film/streak issues. Alkyl polyglucosides leave some surfaces without any visible film or streak, but do not remove some greases as well as many alcohol ethoxylates.

Stepan Company has developed two nonionic surfactants, BIO-SOFT® LFS-04 and BIO-SOFT® LFS-07, that do both — remove soil and leave the surface looking clean.

Stepan’s Low Film/Streak solutions, BIO-SOFT LFS-04 and BIO-SOFT LFS-07, demonstrate good low film/streak performance on both low- and high-energy surfaces. BIO-SOFT LFS-04 is best suited for glass, floor and multi-surface cleaners. BIO-SOFT LFS-07 is balanced to provide enhanced degreasing capabilities, making it an optimal choice for multi-purpose cleaners, general hard surface cleaners and degreasers.

Watch the webinar presented by Dr. Ron Masters, Stepan Research Fellow, and Robert Magro, Stepan New Business Development Manager.



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