Stepan Company to Showcase Coatings Technology

February 2, 2020

Oil and gas pipeline coatings need to withstand exposure to both mechanical and chemical forces for long periods of time to extend the life of the pipeline. Stepan has developed STEPANPOL®, a new class of 100% solids polyester polyols that can offer improved performance in urethane coating applications compared to other common protective systems. Sarah Wolek, Stepan Research and Development Manager, will present this new coatings technology in “Polyols for Improved Durability of Pipeline Coatings,” at the Society for Protective Coatings’ annual Coatings Plus Conference on Feb. 4, in Long Beach, California.

Coatings made with these new polyols can match or exceed adhesion, abrasion, weatherability and chemical resistance compared to other common protective systems such as epoxies, aspartics and solvent-borne polyesters.

By providing a 100% solids resin with low viscosity, the overall volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of the coating formulation can be reduced compared to traditional polyesters that often require higher levels of solvent to achieve a workable viscosity. Wolek will also discuss its compatibility with a variety of other resins that can expand the formulator’s toolbox.

Wolek has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a master’s degree is polymer chemistry and coatings. She is a member of the Steel Structures Painting Council and has served Stepan for more than 12 years in various research and development functions.

Click here to learn more about Stepan’s coatings technologies.



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