Stepan’s Novel Hair Conditioning Agent that Speaks to the Consumer Featured in PC Magazine 

Sept. 4, 2020

Stepan Personal Care’s latest novel hair conditioning agent is featured in the August 2020 Issue of Personal Care Magazine for its comparable performance to the personal care industry’s leading hair conditioning agent, behentrimonium chloride (BTAC).

When it comes to hair conditioner, performance is a must for consumers. Plus, consumers also added product sustainablity as a priority over the last few years1. According to Euromonitor International, more than half of ‘Clean Beauty’ consumers seek “natural,” “environmentally friendly” and “locally sourced” claims.

Stepan Company recognizes the need to deliver on quality performance and increasing sustainability concerns. That’s why Stepan has developed an eco-designed alternative to the most common cationic conditioning agents, BTAC and cetrimonium chloride (CETAC).

BTAC is the current industry standard for conditioning performance, however, both BTAC and CETAC have use-level restrictions in Europe due to their irritation potentials and toxicity to aquatic life. Esterquats, on the other hand, are known to be readily biodegradable, mild and less toxic to aquatic life.

Stepan’s sunflower-derived esterquat, STEPANQUAT® Soleil, meets or exceeds the current performance standards for hair conditioning agents set by BTAC and CETAC, and is a more sustainable alternative to these products. Read the full feature article to discover more about STEPANQUAT Soleil.

1Passport, The Evolution of Beauty: From Green to Clean Conscious, November 2019



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