Stepan Company Wins Henkel Sustainability Award 2020 for Laundry & Home Care

January 29, 2021

Henkel has recognized Stepan Company as one of its top suppliers for industry-leading performance at the 14th Annual Henkel Awards. Stepan was a first-place winner for the Sustainability Award 2020 for our new vegan softening active.

Dr. Arndt Scheidgen, Global Head of Regulatory R&D Laundry & Home Care at Henkel, said of Stepan’s new vegan softening active, “This material is used in our new Vernel Naturals range. It is made from renewable European plant oils and therefore supports our sustainability target to reduce our ecological footprint.”

Stepan product development continues to focus on developing advantageous products with improved safety and environmental profiles that promote health and wellness by using energy and resources more efficiently and reducing environmental impact. This award is a testament of that. 

“Stepan Company is proud and honored to have received the Henkel Sustainability Award 2020 for Laundry & Home Care. We look forward to continuing our partnership to deliver innovative solutions that are sustainable and meet the needs of consumers around the world” said Jason Keiper, Stepan Company Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer.

Stepan’s vision is to bring innovative chemical solutions for a cleaner, healthier, more energy-efficient world. We are dedicated to delivering products that help improve the lives of people through exceptional science and technology.

Click the link to read more about the award. 

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