Oil Dispersion Formulation Challenges and Stepan's Solutions to be Highlighted at the Ag Formulation and Application Technology Congress, Dec. 17

Oil Dispersion Formulation Challenges and Stepan Agricultural Solutions
December 17, 2020
2:40 p.m. (SGT)
Virtual Presentation 

Article Published: December 9, 2020

Join Stepan Company’s Senior Agriculture Scientist Shrikant Aherkar during the Ag Formulation and Application Technology Congress for his presentation, “Oil Dispersion Formulation Challenges and Stepan Agricultural Solutions,” at 2:40 p.m. (SGT), Thursday, Dec. 17. Oil dispersion (OD) is one of the emerging formulation technologies that is increasing market share slowly and steadily as the agrochemical industry innovates to address changes in regulations, pest resistance, pest pressure, customer expectations and increasing competition. And because the new actives pipeline is restricted to a few multinational corporations (MNCs), most agrochemical companies are focusing on formulation technologies.

OD formulations are becoming more preferred because their actives are sensitive to water. ODs also shows improved efficacy over certain other formulations, because oil in the formulation also provides the adjuvancy effect. However, various formulation challenges are faced while developing a stable OD. Separation, or sedimentation, viscosity build up, caking and poor dilution stability are some of common challenges.

Stepan Agricultural Solutions offers a complete package for OD formulations that includes a naturally derived carrier, oil and dispersion media in the form of:

  • methyl esters and triglycerides (e.g. coconut oil methyl ester  ̶  STEPAN® C-65);
  • oil and aqueous dispersant in the form of specially designed phosphate esters (e.g. STEPFAC™ 8181 PT3K);
  • a range of emulsifiers including tailor-made, versatile emulsifiers (e.g. STEPGROW™ AB 1005); and
  • user-friendly rheology modifiers (STEPGROW RM 1001).

Stepan has extensive experience working on various OD formulations with low loading of up to 2.5% w/v (g/mL) to high loading of more than 60% w/v, as well as two and three active combinations. Stepan’s team of technical experts are also able to provide formulation development support for customer requirements for OD formulations.

Click the button to watch the webinar recording and learn more about Stepan’s solutions for OD formulations. 



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