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Providing formulation support across global locations can be costly and challenging. Stepan Company recognized this need and created global collaboration labs in North America, Mercosur and Asia to provide customers the formulation assistance they are looking for.

Real-Time Customer Support with Stepan Company’s Global Collaboration Labs

While developing products, formulators may face formulation challenges and find themselves in need of additional support from suppliers like Stepan Company. Usually this means that customers must invest in travel or wait for our in-house formulation experts to travel to them – both of which can delay project decisions. To deliver fast and convenient customer support, Stepan developed collaboration labs that provide customers the opportunity to receive live formulation support without having to leave their own laboratory.

Stepan’s collaboration labs are specifically designed to enhance the customer experience by simulating side-by-side formulation support using virtual meeting technology. Stepan’s technical experts can offer formulators real-time support from any location via internet connection.

Our scientists can collaborate with customers as if they are in the lab working with them, offering advice on proper procedures and process control, while allowing customers to ask questions and request demonstrations specific to their formulation needs.

Customers can get assistance in other areas as well, such as application and development across our technology portfolio; analytical and process development; and regulatory support.

Stepan has five collaboration labs across the United States, Mexico City, Brazil and Singapore. All surfactant customers who request access to Stepan’s Collaboration Lab from their sales representative can receive formulation support more quickly and cost effectively. We can also provide virtual formulation assistance to our polymer customers upon request.

Stepan is looking forward to expanding this technology to more locations.

Contact your Stepan sales or R&D contact if you think there is an opportunity to collaborate through one of our new virtual labs.

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