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Stepan's 2019 Sustainability Report

At Stepan, we believe that chemistry can provide solutions that benefit the environment, promote human well-being, and meet the needs of a growing population. We take our responsibilities to stakeholders seriously, working to maintain sustained growth of the company while meeting the needs of the people and communities we depend upon. Our sustainability program focuses on four key areas: partnering with customers, commitment to our employees and the communities we work within, reducing our environmental impact, and sustained growth. Our goal is to continuously add value, and doing so requires that we remain at the forefront of the chemical manufacturing industry, offering new and innovative technologies to customers as the demands of our environment and the marketplace continue to grow and change. Learn more about recent areas of innovation. 


Partnering with Customers

Partnering with customersStepan will be a preferred global partner in our markets and technologies. We will work with our customers to provide innovative chemical solutions that enable them to achieve their sustainability goals. Learn how our customer partnerships are making an impact today.

Focus on People

Focus ImageStepan is committed to developing, recognizing and respecting our people. Our Responsible Care® program and community outreach make us an exemplary corporate citizen. We will maintain a safe, productive environment in which our people can thrive and grow both personally and professionally. Learn more about our commitment to our people.

Reducing Our Impact

Reducing our impactStepan is committed to improving the efficient use of energy and the reduction of waste in our processes. We will continuously strive to provide environmentally advantageous goods and services while working toward sustainable operations. Learn about specific environmental initatives at Stepan.

Commitment to Growth

Economic progress imageStepan will engage in responsible business practices that deliver sustainable value to our customers, stockholders, employees and the communities in which we operate. We are committed to profitable growth through disciplined investment, continuous improvement, operational excellence and innovation. Learn about recent areas of growth at Stepan.