Reducing Our Impact


Reducing our impactStepan is a charter member of Responsible Care and we work continuously to operate in a safe, sustainable manner. From raw material sourcing and transport to operational impacts and product safety, we aim to manufacture chemicals in a way that minimizes waste and conserves energy and resources.

We are committed to the principles outlined in Responsible Care across our sites and we work to improve the efficiency and safety of all our operations.

In support of our goals, we measure and report on: 

  • Water consumption in our processes and products
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Energy Use
  • Waste Generation

Across our global operations, it is our goal to demonstrate practices and deliver products that offer the greatest benefit to consumers while minimizing our operational impact.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil Production

Stepan has been a member of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2011. We utilize palm kernel oil, derived from the kernel of the palm oil fruit, in the production of some of our ingredients. Through our engagement with the RSPO, we support efforts to create a system of accountability and to establish and implement best practices for the production of sustainable and socially responsible palm oil material.

To date, we have achieved RSPO supply chain certification for more than 80% of our relevant sites, including all of our U.S. and European sites that handle palm oil and palm kernel oil, our Ecatepec, Mexico site, and our sites in the Philippines and Brazil. We are certified under the mass balance supply chain model and can work with customers and distributors to offer the certified products. 


Contact Stepan North America Technical Service at or Stepan Europe Technical Service at to learn more about Stepan's RSPO product offerings.