Partnering with Customers


Partnering with customersStepan will be a preferred global partner in our markets and technologies. We will work with our customers to provide innovative chemical solutions that enable the achievement of their current and future sustainability goals.

Our Commitment to Customers’ Impact

Since 2004, sustainability has been a central theme in Stepan’s growth programs. Through globalization of our core businesses and ongoing evolution of our innovation growth portfolio, we will continue to work through partnerships to build on the success we have had to date in delivering sustainably-advantageous products, technologies and services.

Stepan is committed to increasing the percentage of sales of those products that provide a significant sustainability advantage in the areas of reduced temperature cleaning, compaction, natural and sustainable sourcing, and energy conservation and recovery.

The expanded use of Stepan’s polyol products in commercial construction has and will continue to enable our customers to conserve millions of BTUs of energy.

Stepan will increase sales into markets sensitive to health, disinfection, and nutrition where Stepan products play a key role in promoting human health and well-being.

Stepan’s Biorenewable Carbon Index

In support of our customers, Stepan offers the Biorenewable Carbon Index (BCI), which enables customers to identify sustainably advantaged chemistries that will meet their sustainability needs. The BCI highlights Stepan surfactants that have at least 50% of their carbons originating from animal, plant, or marine material (with the exception of BIO-SOFT® EC-Series, at 42%–46%.)

In addition to providing the percentage of biorenewable carbons for this subset of Stepan chemistries, the BCI also enables customers to evaluate other properties, including but not limited to

  • percentage of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s),
  • biodegradability, or the break down to CO2 and H2O in specified number of days, and
  • base material, whether plant or other (animal or marine).

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Dedicated Customer Support

When you partner with Stepan, you have our full support. You may contact Customer Service for order placement, lead times and pricing. Contact Technical Service for technical support.