Customer Support


At Stepan, we understand it is important to make ourselves readily available for immediate response on our full product line whether it be related to pricing and product delivery, a technical inquiry or troubleshooting.

Customer Service

Stepan’s Customer Service Department strives to create long-term customer relationships through trust, transparency and exceptional service. It is our objective to understand our customer requirements and expectations in order to successfully deliver product, services and solutions as requested. Our primary responsibilities include:

  • Process orders and provide updates for Stepan commercial products
  • Provide pricing and availability on Stepan commercial products
  • Facilitate customer complaints
  • Process product returns

NA Customer Service and Delivery Standards brochure.

EMEA Customer Service and Delivery Standards brochure.

Stepan eBusiness Solutions for Customers

Stepan’s eBusiness platform enables us to offer customers a portfolio of solutions for a more efficient handling of collaborative processes with our partners. More and more customers from Fortune 500 manufacturers to small businesses are conducting either a portion or all of their business through an eBusiness solution.

eBusiness tools accelerate connections to improve end to end visibility as well as transactional efficiency. Stepan views these tools as necessary to improve the accuracy and speed of communication and reduce the risk of misplaced documents or errors that overall leads to improved service. These tools will also contribute to the reduction of significant amounts of paper waste, promoting a more environmentally friendly workplace.

Stepan’s eBusiness Customer solutions for which you can complete business with Stepan:

  1. EDI: Direct electronic connection with partners based on EDI industry standards enabling B2B communication between ERP systems asynchronously. This solution is for partners with frequent order activity or partners connected to the Elemica Network.

    Processes in the Customer Sales Order cycle that are enabled by EDI include:

    1. Customer Order Acceptance
    2. Confirmation of Order Acceptance
    3. Order Change Acceptance
    4. Transmission of Advance Shipping Notice
    5. Transmission of Customer Invoice
    6. Electronic Payment

If you are interested in conducting business electronically with Stepan, please contact 

Technical Service

Stepan Company US and Europe Technical Service Departments are a professional support staff uniquely structured to provide prompt and accurate technical response to our Stepan internal employees, authorized distributors and customers. Our primary responsibilities include:

  • Commercial sample order placement
  • Product and formulary recommendation
  • General technical response
  • Customer certification statements
  • Survey completion
  • Competitive product cross referencing
  • Technical training
  • Web technical content management
  • Assistance with market communications

Stepan also has staff in Canada, Latin America and Asia regions that provide focused technical support based on localized product availability, customer base and plant capability. Contact Technical Service in your region.

Analytical Service

Stepan’s Analytical Research Department, located in Northfield, IL, is proud of its threefold mission:

  1. Provide world-class analytical services across all business divisions and global locations.
  2. Support R&D in new product development as well as Quality Assurance (QA) in optimizing operations
  3. Continuously improve via cost-saving methodology, new technology, and more efficient tools, systems and work processes.

The Analytical Team works closely with Product Development to aid in the development of new products by determining appropriate methodology. They also partner with QA to support manufacturing and help troubleshoot any plant or customer issues. Stepan’s Analytical and QA labs are well equipped to handle a variety of wet chemical and instrumental analyses, including gas chromatography (GC), liquid chromatography (HPLC), fourier transform infrared (FTIR) and titration systems. The Analytical Team also offers nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), mass spectrometry (MS) and ion chromatography (IC) capabilities, as well as a host of surface science measurement instruments.

Credit Application

Thank you for your interest in Stepan Company. This link to our online credit application is designed to provide the necessary information to complete a credit investigation and establish your firm as a customer.