Stepan Showcases Chemical Intermediaries for the Upstream Sector at ADIPEC, Nov. 11 – 14

Stepan Oilfield Solutions will showcase new technologies at one of the largest oil and gas industry conventions during the Abu Dhabi International Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), Nov. 11 – 14 at the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Center in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. ADIPEC is a place where thought leaders gather and businesses converge to accelerate innovation in the oilfield industry.  

As a leader in oilfield surfactants for conventional and unconventional oil and gas recovery, Stepan Oilfield Solutions focuses on delivering surfactant science into all areas of the upstream sector — drilling, cementing, completions, hydraulic fracturing, production and IOR/EOR.  We will be highlighting several technologies at the show, including:  


PETROSTEP ME-1 helps operators improve oil and gas production by enhancing the clean-up of fluids after stimulation. Stepan’s PETROSTEP ME-1 flowback aid is a fully dilutable microemulsion with a monomodal particle size of less than 10 nanometers (nm). This alleviates phase trapping, allowing the production fluid to flow back more quickly, helping increase the flow of oil and gas from the reservoir. 


PETROSTEP SC-1 enables the efficient transition from oil-based drilling fluids to cement. This surfactant blend cleanses drilling fluid residue and leaves the wellbore surface in a water-wet state. PETROSTEP SC-1 offers excellent cleaning performance in a wide range of total dissolved solids from fresh water to saturated monovalent and divalent completion brines. 

Green Corrosion Inhibitors 

Surfactants like alkyl dimethyl benzyl quats, imidazolines or phosphate esters have been widely used to tackle sweet corrosion, but their ecotoxicity profile do not always meet the criteria determined by the OSPAR Convention. Stepan Oilfield Solutions has designed a range of products that can be used as effective intermediates for sweet corrosion. Join Maxime Feche, Functional Product Development Specialist, in “Green Corrosion Inhibitors” at noon, Tuesday, Nov. 12, Capital Suite 3, to learn more. 

The Stepan Oilfield Solutions team is looking forward to connecting with you at ADIPEC. If you would like further information about Stepan Oilfield Solutions or any of our products, please email or visit  

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