Stepan Presents “How to Overcome the Industry’s Sustainability Concerns” at The Future of Surfactants Summit

Liban JirmoThe Future of Surfactants Summit, hosted by Active Communications International, brings together senior executives and experts from the surfactants industry to discuss the latest challenges and developments making an impact on the industry. This year the discussion will focus on the shift to bio-based materials while staying ahead of industry regulations and consumer trends. 

Liban Jirmo, Stepan Company Senior Functional Chemist of Consumer Products, will speak about “Overcoming the Industry’s Sustainability Concerns” during the 4th Future of Surfactants Summit North America on Sept. 18 in Chicago. In his session, Jirmo will assess greener and more sustainable alternatives within the value chain; new concepts and formulations to aid sustainability in surfactant manufacturing; and a variety of other topics that will deliver insights and best practices for those who attend

In addition to those topics, Jirmo will evaluate the potential of naturally-derived products in reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. He will also discuss ways of minimizing the use of plastic and reducing water use in products for personal care

Stepan Company is delighted to present at this key industry event to initiate conversation about sustainability within the industry.

If you would like to attend the event or find more information, visit The Future of Surfactants Summit website

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