Stepan Company the first to list U.S. Design for Environment (DfE)-Approved Starter Formulations on!

Stepan Company would like to continue to work with customers who are interested in U.S. DfE certification of their finished formulations. With that end in mind, Stepan has developed the following prototype formulations:

     Household Liquid Dish Concentrate (DCC #CF00686); All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate (DCC #CF00687);
     All Purpose Spray and Wipe Cleaner (DCC #00688); Bathroom Cleaner (DCC #CF00689)
     Degreaser Concentrate (DCC #CF00690); Glass Cleaner Concentrate (DCC #CF00692)
     Kitchen Degreaser (DCC #CF00693); Glass Cleaner (DCC #CF00691).

These dye and fragrance-free formulations are available for preview at The base formulation chassis has been approved through NSF/U.S. EPA. This approval should save the time and money associated with third-party review. However, any modification of the formulations would require processing paperwork with NSF/U.S. EPA DfE with your company name and product name.

For more information, visit (you must be a subscriber) or contact Anne Gariepy, Stepan Techncical Service and Sales Development Manager at