Stepan Announces Surfactant Price Increase January 15, 2019

Northfield, Illinois

Effective January 15, 2019, or such later date as our contracts allow, Stepan Company will raise LIST and OFF-LIST pricing for the products noted in the attached table.


Product Category  Stepan Trade Name(s)  Price Increase ($/lb) 
Synthetic Alkyl Ether Sulfates STEOL®, POLYSTEP® $0.02 - $0.03
Olefin Sulfonates & Dry Olefin Sulfonates BIO-TERGE® $0.02 - $0.08
Sulfonated Methyl Esters ALPHA-STEP® $0.03
Phosphate Esters STEPFAC® $0.06
Biocidal, Industrial & Cosmetic Quats BTC®, PETROSTEP®, STEPANQUAT®, ONYXIDE®, AMMONYX® $0.04 - $0.08
Softeners ACCOSOFT®, STEPANTEX® $0.02
Alkoxylates BIO-SOFT®, MERPOL® $0.03 - $0.09

Blends and derivatives of these products will increase accordingly. Please contact your Stepan Company Sales Representative for any additional information.