Stepan Lipid Nutrition ingredients support the pharmaceutical markets in the following areas:

  • Solubilizer and carrier for active ingredients (usually for fat soluble ingredients)
  • Excipient as a semi-solid fat source for solid dosage forms
  • Anti-microbial and preservative in liquid pharmaceutical systems
  • Medical food and clinical nutrition

Stepan Products for Pharmaceutical Applications

NEOBEE® Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), originally NEOBEE logodeveloped in the 1950s to treat patients with malabsorption, have grown into various pharmaceutical applications, including liquid-based and topical formulations. Their low viscosity and polar properties facilitate handing under low-temperature processing conditions and promote improved dispersibilty, spreading and dissolution of actives.

NEOBEE® is used in medical food and clinical nutrition applications for specific health problems. Some examples include use in medical foods for Alzheimer's disease treatments and for various metabolic disorders associated with long-chain fatty acid oxidation. MCTs improve the use of dietary fat for energy. 

The product range is supported by a DMF and produced according to GMP guidelines. 

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Lipid Diagram 

Our polymer based ONAMER® M (Polyquaternium-1) is an anti-microbial and preservative agent unique in its biocide function. Its special properties as a safe and effective preservative for products in contact with very sensitive tissue has enabled a growing interest towards broader applications. ONAMER® M exhibits unique antimicrobial activity and is extremely mild, exhibiting very low toxicity to host cells. It can be used in a wide range of medical device applications, including surgical scrubs, surgical preps and other topical formulations that require a broad spectrum of antimicrobial efficacy. Currently ONAMER® M is used as a preservative in liquid pharmaceutical applications. Additional studies are underway to explore its broader usage. Some of our studies are carried out with joint customer partnerships. The product range is supported by appropriate regulatory compliance, including a DMF and produced according to GMP guidelines.
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WECOBEE® triglycerides, originally developed as substitutes for cocoa butter, find utility in topical pharmaceutical applications. They are stable and derived from edible vegetable oils. Each grade is specifically processed to achieve the desired melting points, required taste and odor properties, and offer excellent mold release characteristics. WECOBEEs® higher melting point ranges enable their use in cosmetic and pharmaceutical OTC products including suppositories, lip balms, and creams or ointments. The product range is supported by a DMF and produced according to GMP guidelines.
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