Industrial Products


Stepan provides technical and laboratory support to assist the metalworking, textile, paper and foamer industries in product selection and new product development. We can offer new surfactants specially formulated to fit your application, or we can adapt existing products into an untried application. The result is consistent, cost-effective, application-specific construction products.


Stepan is ideally positioned to supply the surfactant ester products used in the textile and fiber industries. Our surfactants line includes wetting agents, emulsifiers and detergents made from natural and biodegradable raw materials. We provide the choice of anionic, cationic and nononic surfactants. The ester product line contains fatty alcohol esters, water dispersible polyethylene glycol esters and thermally stable polyol esters.


To the metalworking industry, Stepan’s sulfonation, amidation, esterification and alkoxylation capabilities make us an ideal component supplier. The ester product line contains fatty alcohol esters, water dispersible polyethylene glycol esters, hydrolytically stable phthalic anhydride (P.A.) based esters and thermally stable polyol esters. Stepan’s ever expanding alkoxylation product line offers EO, PO and EO / PO block copolymer capabilities.

Foamer Specialties

Stepan is constantly searching for new and emerging technologies that may require a foaming agent. The growth of this product line is evidence of what can be accomplished when potentials are identified and Stepan's full expertise is brought to bear.

End Uses

These are some examples of applications for alkylbenzene sulfonic acids, ether sulfates, emulsifiers, proprietary blends and developmental chemicals.

  • Fire fighting foamers
  • Gas and oil field drilling foams
  • Industrial lubricants
  • Latex frothing agents 
  • Paper and printing adhesives
  • Wetting and foaming agents for dust control 

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