Stepan provides technical and laboratory support to assist the construction industry in product selection and new product development. We can offer new surfactants specially formulated to fit your application, or we can adapt existing products into an untried application. The result is consistent, cost-effective, application-specific construction products.

Gypsum Additives 

Stepan is ideally positioned to supply the surfactants used in the gypsum industry. Our surfactants line includes dispersants, wetting agents, emulsifiers and other surfactants classes made from natural and biodegradable raw materials. We provide the choice of anionic, nonionic and cationic surfactants as well as possible biocides for use in this industry. For more information, view the Gypsum Technologies Guide

Concrete Additives 

For the concrete and cement industries, Stepan’s sulfonation, amidization, esterification and alkoxylation capabilities make us an ideal component supplier. Stepan’s ever-expanding alkoxylation product line offers EO, PO and EO / PO block copolymer capabilities.

Miscellaneous Construction Product Additives

Stepan is constantly searching for new and emerging technologies that may require the use of surfactants. Our complete product portfolio is evidence of what can be accomplished when potentials are identified and Stepan's full expertise is brought to bear.

End Uses

End uses for alkylbenzene sulfonic acids, ether sulfates, nonionic surfactants, esters and cationic surfactants, emulsifiers, proprietary blends and developmental chemicals include:

  • Drilling
  • Wood treatment additives
  • Air entraining agents (foaming agents)
  • Tunneling
  • Mining and ore flotation
  • Many other products for use in the construction industry

See all Stepan products for construction.