Stepan’s Antimicrobials and End-Use Registration Program

Stepan Company offers biocidal active ingredients globally under the tradenames of BTC®, SO/SAN® and ONYXIDE®. The BTC® and SO/SAN® products are highly effective quaternaries that control a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including bacteria, molds, yeasts, fungi and viruses. Stepan's ONYXIDE® 200 is a triazine compound used in metalworking, oil field and in-can preservation.

Examples of where Stepan quaternaries are effective as the active in end use formulations:

  • Sanitization and disinfection in the home and institutional settings such as schools, offices and restaurants
  • Hospital and nursing home facilities
  • Food processing, including plant cleaning, handling and distribution, meat and egg processing
  • Pulp / paper mills
  • Public water, including swimming pools, spas, decorative ponds
  • Greenhouses
  • Gas and oil drilling, including muds / packer fluids, recovery injection
  • Wood preservation, including seasoned wood, pressure / thermal treatment, non-pressure treatment (joinery-remedial) and sapstain treatment
  • Paper, including stored, non-food contact and materials preservation

Not only does Stepan sell the biocidal active, we offer end use customers the opportunity to sublicense end use formulations, including ready-to-use, dilutable concentrates, aerosols and wipe products. Stepan Company has a global support staff that provides ongoing market, technical and regulatory support.

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