Alkoxylates Tech Videos


Stepan understands the many challenges a chemist may face when formulating. Our new video series aims to help formulation chemists develop a better understanding of alkoxylated products by exploring fundamental surfactant science. Bookmark this page and check back often as we'll be expanding our series throughout the year!

Nonionic Surfactant Phase Behavior
Gel formation can be a challenge for formulators working with nonionic surfactants. This video describes how liquid-crystal formation can lead to the development of persistent gels and also provides some tips to help keep such gels from forming. 

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  •  Alkoxylate Surfactant Chemistry Overview (Late 2017)
  • Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance: HLB and the Emulsification of Oils
    (Early 2018)
  • Cloud-Point as a Fundamental Property of Nonionic Surfactants (Early 2018)