Agricultural Solutions

  • Today’s increased global demand for food, feed, fibers and biorenewable fuels, coupled with climate change and the need to conserve natural resources, presents complex challenges for the agricultural industry. The industry’s response has been to focus on technology enhancements in three critical, interdependent areas — biology, chemistry and sustainability — and to enhance productivity through the use of agricultural chemicals.


    To help meet ever-changing market needs, Stepan’s agricultural chemicals business has a robust pipeline of innovative new products. STEPAN® 3109-6 provides a solution for customers looking to formulate an Ultra-high Loading Glyphosate formulation. Other areas of focus include green solvents, dispersants and drift technology products.


    Stepan’s agricultural chemicals business leverages the company’s core technologies of sulfonation, alkoxylation, amidation, oxidation and quaternization to deliver a complete line of products to our customers.


    Stepan’s geographic footprint is such that we can serve our global customers from a variety of manufacturing locations. In addition, our in-house formulation expertise in ECs, MEs, SCs and dry products provides a value-added service to help solve customers’ most difficult challenges. If you would like more information or have a question about Stepan Agricultural Solutions, please contact


    End Uses

    Crop protection
    Turf and ornamental
    Home and garden
    Seed treatment