Optimizing PIR Lamination

Stepan Company offers customers access to a team of subject matter experts to help customers around the world improve end product performance and efficiency.

Enabling Customers to Optimize the PIR Lamination Process

Stepan Company is committed to developing better ways to collaborate with our customers every day. Over the last three years, Stepan has made significant investments in talented people and internal lab capabilities to help customers around the world improve end product performance and efficiency. 

As a raw material supplier, it’s common to hear about the importance and difficulty of correlating lab performance to the end application.  Stepan took that challenge to heart by investing more than one million dollars (USD) in enhanced laboratory equipment to correlate to Stepan’s customers polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation product- an important application reliant on Stepan’s polyester polyols.  We have even introduced a multi-stream high pressure foam machine and mini laminator in our North American and European laboratories for greater correlating capabilities.

With these enhanced tools, Stepan has the ability to reproduce our customers’ PIR insulation product with a wide range of chemical and process parameters. This allows Stepan to support current customers in addition to innovating new technologies that will enhance the final PIR insulation product.  

The Polymer Technical Service and Development (TS&D) Team consists of 15 PIR lamination subject matter experts in North America, Europe, and Asia. The team comprises diverse skillsets, with a balance of chemical, formulating and mechanical expertise related to the PIR product and process.  The PIR industry is also supported by Stepan’s Global Rigid Foam Innovation Team and Polymer Research and Development teams in each region. Together, Stepan’s Team has more than 100 years of PIR line experience to support our customer’s needs.

The Polymer TS&D Team believes collaboration with our customers is essential to enabling the most value for our customers. The team regularly meets with customers to understand their current needs and goals. The team then collaborates with them to develop solutions utilizing Stepan’s polyol chemistries in tandem with formulation and process optimization.  The type of services may include onsite technical support and troubleshooting, in-lab testing support, or raw material and process evaluations utilizing Stepan’s internal capabilities.  

Stepan is dedicated to bridging our chemistries and our customers’ application processes to maximize product performance and cost efficiency. Stepan’s Polymer TS&D Team strives to be a world leader in providing technical solutions to the global PIR insulation market. We look forward to providing continued customer support through our chemistry and operational excellence.

Contact us to learn how Stepan’s Polymer Technical Service and Development Team can support your PIR production needs. 

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