Stepan BIO-SOFT N-Series Blends Offer Fast and Effective Performance

Stepan BIO-SOFT N-Series Blends are balanced, simple and versatile.

Where performance intersects safety, these blends meet or exceed the performance of individual linear alcohol ethoxylates and nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE) surfactants and are on the U.S. EPA Safer Choice Safer Chemical Ingredients List

Take a look at our balanced portfolio:  

Stepan Trade Name            HLB            Cloud Point °C (°F)           
BIO-SOFT® N-400  8.8 <25 (<77)
BIO-SOFT® N-600 10.6 <25 (<77)
BIO-SOFT® N-900  13.0 64 (147)
BIO-SOFT® N-901  12.0 40 (104)
BIO-SOFT® N-905 12.0 51 (124)
BIO-SOFT® N-1200  13.5 80 (176)